Private Dining - Your Own
Jungle Paradise

Private Dining at Zama

Transformative Occasions

Embark on an event journey where the lush allure of the Amazon converges with San Diego's urban elegance. At Zama, each event becomes an expedition of flavors, sights, and experiences, making memories as vibrant as the rainforest itself.

Venue & Vibe

Modern design marries Amazonian inspirations, creating the perfect backdrop for galas, launches, receptions, and soirées. Whether casual or black-tie, Zama's ambiance adapts and enchants.

Culinary Adventures

Led by our distinguished chefs, including the renowned Chef Takuya Kudo and Executive Chef Jovani Palacious, our culinary team is poised to deliver a dining experience that intertwines the essence of the Amazon with San Diego's contemporary flair. Every dish is a journey, every flavor a narrative, and every plate a work of art.

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